This property is a holiday home for my partner and me but we want you to enjoy it as well. We love it - and think you will too! I am London-based and have taken early retirement after 30 years working as a CEO of a charitable campaigning organisation. My aim now - job if you like - is to do my best to make your holiday enjoyable and to appreciate why we crave to be here as much as possible. I am confident you will not be disappointed. Contact me for further information. I want to answer any questions you may have.

When did you purchase the property?

Why did you choose a home in this location?
The South West of France is the last large unspoilt area of rural France. Quite unlike the 'South of France' the South West is proud of being more ancien and less moderne. It is also less commercialised and pays far more attention to agriculture than commerce. The one prominent exception is the European Airbus factory at Toulouse. The South West is far from monochrome in its scenery, topography, climate, customs, wines, cheeses, or cuisine but it is almost deliberately slower and less taken-in by glamour, chic, or Parisian values. Shops are for necessities more than luxuries. Restaurants have erratic opening hours. It feels mildly more eccentric than the rest of the more homogenised France. People are few and far between: it is not crowded.

What are the unique benefits of the property?
We fell in love with Les Noyers because of its aspect and views overlooking the countryside. Nothing interrupts the massive sweep of seductive scenery looking towards the Pyrenees - and Spain - in the far distance. Les Noyers is also our occasional home so we have made it as comfortable as we would expect of any home. You will benefit from all the work we have done to modernise the house and make it as relaxing as possible. What is exactly the same as the day we bought the house is the sense of calm that imbues the whole area. You need to be content with the absence of hustle and bustle to enjoy Les Noyers. It provides none. The pace of life is slow. Very slow, in fact.